Franklin Imaging

3D Printing

What file types are accepted?

The preferred file type is .STL. For instructions on saving your model as an .STL file, click here. (We have a PDF of instructions for various software programs). Please also read the Architecture Design Guide.

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the build volume of the model, as well as how intricate the finish work will be. If you have a large model you may want to create a hollow space in the middle to reduce how much powder is used in the print. You will need to submit your file in order to get a quote, as every model is unique.

How do I upload my file for 3D printing?

You can e-mail your file to, or upload to our FTP site ( username:frank1 password: wwwfrank).

How long will it take to get my model?

Your model will be ready within 5 business days of file acceptance. After you upload your file we will check for any build errors. Once we have a print ready file we will notify you. Your model will be ready within 5 days of that point.

What material are you printing in?

The powder in our machine is gypsum based. The models are extremely rigid and have a sandstone-like feel to them. The models are a bright white (if you aren’t printing in color) and have a matte finish.

Will my model be fragile?

Yes. This material is brittle. Fine details are vulnerable so you will want to handle your model carefully. Your model will not be waterproof, and you should avoid exposing your model to extreme heat.

Can I get my model printed in color?

Absolutely! Our printer prints in full color.

What is the maximum build volume?

The maximum build volume is 10” x 14” x 8”.

Please contact us at or 614-885-6894 if you have any questions.