Franklin Imaging provides complete document management and fulfillment services supporting architects, engineers, contractors, and marketing collateral for all firms. We’ll take your project from conceptual design to implementation. Our ReproMAX partnership allows you to locally distribute documents for projects anywhere in the United States, Canada, and U.K.

Print Distribution: Plans, specs, and renderings distributed on time in hard-copy or digital format.

Document Management: Maintain strict access, distribution, and revision control of all construction documents, while gaining the ability to track each project team member's document interaction.

Dodge - McGraw-Hill Planroom: Dodge PlanRoom provides the tools you need to effectively research, plan, and prepare your construction project bids and proposals – all in one place, and all part of Dodge’s Bid Research and Planning Solution.

Scanning: Turn hard-copy drawings, specs and other documents into an easily searchable digital library accessible from all your devices

Marketing Collateral: Print on-demand with superior print quality and quick turn times utilizing the latest industry technology, including variable-data and high-end finishing.