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Projects that wow.

Franklin Imaging uses the latest print technology, fabrication and finishing techniques to execute your vision on virtually any rigid or flexible substrate. We've incorporated mirrors, moving parts, metal, interactive displays, awards, mobiles, and even shoes, sand and bells, into different commercial spaces. 

If you already have something in mind, we can offer additional suggestions based on our experience. And if you have no clue where to start, that's okay too. We've got lots of creative solutions and innovative methods that will lead to wow. 

You'll end up with something that's portfolio-worthy, but still on time and within budget.


It's hard to imagine anything better. 

Environmental branding installation using grand scale printing

Delivery and installation

Save your sanity. We've got the details covered.

Whether completion of your project requires kitting, fulfillment and shipping or a complete environmental installation, we can execute a flawless plan. Your project will arrive undamaged, on time and as expected.

For perfect onsite installations, we try to think of everything. Measurements, diagrams, instructions, detailed timelines and more.

Our installers partner with you from site survey through punch list. That means every outlet or fixture, uneven wall, rough surface or any unique location issues will be addressed ahead of time.

We think that's why so many of our clients say installation is something that Franklin Imaging does better than anyone else in the business.

Wall graphics. Measure twice, cut once
On site installation of large scale design elements

Graphic Design

If you're a seasoned designer or just have an idea knocking around in your head, our creative team can help you

perfect and then digitize your vision.

Together, we'll create a graphic that's not only unique,

but can be efficiently printed or fabricated,

which will really impress your clients!

Franklin Imaging experts digitizing our client's designs for exact printing
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