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Let's get creative

So, what do you do?” – it’s the question that’s launched a million cocktail party

conversations, first dates and professional interactions.

It's also the question we answer most often at Franklin Imaging.

The short answer is “large scale printing and design support.” The long answer is definitely more detailed, and we’d love more people to understand our capabilities so they can give us a call when they’ve got a project that fits our capabilities.

Here’s a list of what we do (as well as what we don’t). There’s surely something on this list that you need, and we hope you’ll give us a trial run on any or all of them!

What’s in our wheelhouse:

Grand format or large-scale printing

Using some of the industry’s most advanced equipment, we can produce crisp, color graphics on nearly any material you can imagine in sections up to 10 ft. wide.Think wall graphics, custom wallpaper and designs printed directly on metal, canvas, glass, fabric, plexiglass, wood…honestly, almost anything you can imagine (really, no one has stumped us yet!)

Large cutout or dimensional lettering and designs

If you’ve got a message or visual you want people to notice, we can add them to walls, floors, doors or other surfaces in ways that will get noticed.

Experiential design fabrication and installation

In addition to installing printed, large-scale graphics in your spaces, we can also build and install unconventional elements. We’ve done walls of bells and boxing gloves and parts of shopping carts that spell out words.

Environmental branding

We can help you put your office space to work with graphics that tell your corporate story, engage employees and simply make it a more fun place to work.

Construction signage

From safety signs and perimeter fence wraps to vehicle and trailer graphics, we’ve got your next job site covered.

Plans and prints

We’ve streamlined the process for printing and delivering prints and specs to architects, engineers and contractors.

Reprints with the click of a mouse

Each client can have their own online portal for easy reprint requests and quick delivery to any job site, either on a schedule or as needed.

Print and mail room staffing

Leave the hiring, training and follow-through to us. We’ll build a team that can integrate seamlessly into your company.

Printer and plotter sales or leasing and equipment service and supplies

We’re kind of geeks when it comes to printing equipment, and we’ve got the supplies and technicians you need to keep jobs humming along. We can also pick up the slack when your equipment is down for repair.

While that’s not an exhaustive list, it should give you an idea of the things we can do. Think bold, big and creative. As for what we don't do, we tend to leave smaller items like business cards, letterhead and your graduate’s personalized thank you cards to more standard print shops.

So next time you have an idea – even if you think it might be a little out there – give us a call. We’ll do all we can to make you look great!



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