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Tag, you're it.

How technology can help you deliver every project on time.


Most designers have lived or can imagine this nightmare scenario. Your design is on point. Printing and fabrication are complete, and the project materials are packed and shipped for installation.


Best of all, your client is thrilled. They’ve touted this design across their organization – it’s going to be the project everyone notices, including their boss and key leadership.


And then the shipment gets delayed – or even worse, lost.


Now the project is compromised, and your client is anxious. All because of shipping.


The sooner we find it, the sooner we can solve it.


What if you could use technology to make sure every project ends exactly as planned?


For Franklin Imaging, shipping’s no game. That’s why we add an Apple AirTag to our “Less Than a Load” or LTL containers, which is how we send shipments that need just a fractional part of a truck. If any part of your order gets lost, the tag helps us find it quickly. On more than one occasion, it’s saved a client’s project when the shipping company couldn’t locate crucial project elements.


It also gives us a communication advantage. While our planning timeline already factors in potential delays, our tracking capability gives us – and you – the answers needed to keep your client informed and confident that their project is a priority. And because we can see where a shipment is in real time, we can verify the validity of any shipper’s story.


These AirTags keep working in your favor even after the delivery too. No matter how crowded a job site may be, our installers can quickly find the exact crates containing your project elements.


We shipped acrylic prints. They delivered toilets.


One of the challenges with LTL shipping is that your container doesn’t always follow a direct path to its end location. Because your crate is combined with others to maximize a truck’s capacity, it may be onloaded, offloaded and transferred to other trucks in different stops along the way. Each stop increases the chances for error – and that’s just what happened with one of our recent projects where we shipped acrylic prints, but the LTL company delivered toilets.


Imagine that phone call. The shipping company couldn’t explain why the project site received a container of toilets. And they couldn’t locate our own customer’s container of prints.


Fortunately, a quick check using our AirTag pinpointed the exact location of the prints. It turns out that one of the drivers switch the paperwork between two containers and our acrylic prints were sitting in a warehouse in a completely different city. Because we were able to find them so quickly, the shipper was able to retrieve and promptly ship them to the right job site. Project saved.


One final perk.

Our AirTag also serves as a welcome token once it arrives at your client’s location. Inside each container, we include a note about the tracking program, and we offer two options for the AirTag:

1. The client can return it to us in the bubble mailer it arrived in. We add the address label and prepay the shipping, so all they have to do is drop it at any FedEx location or add it to their regular office pick-up.

- or  -

2. They can send us a quick email to let us know they’d like to keep it. We release our claim to it, so they can register it for their own use. The tag is already in a handy keyring holder too, so that’s an extra bonus.

Either way, that AirTag confirms delivery of their order, and we’ve made you look like a rockstar beginning to end. After all, it’s the details – including shipping – that can set your project apart.



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