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Color neighborhood for exact color matching for large scale printing on different substraights

Your image is our priority.


Whatever your vision, Franklin Imaging can take care of the details,

so your designs, prints and you look nothing short of brilliant.


Whether you need a partner for design, fabrication or installation of experiential design,

environmental branding or other visual elements, Franklin Imaging exists to elevate your ideas. 

We can provide grand format printing up to 10 feet wide, custom wallpaper, laser cut acrylics, fleet graphics and more.

We also have the equipment, service and supplies you need to complete flawless print projects yourself,

as well as the scanning, warehousing and delivery that will keep you completely organized and in control of your inventory. 

Design beyond the obvious

With our grand format printers and innovative fabrication,

your vision can be executed in some truly unique ways.  

Installation of experiential design graphics using matte and gloss wall treatment

Little details.
Big results. 

Success lies in the

execution of a project.

It can transform good to great and great to unforgettable.

That's why we're so intent on the details and work so hard to anticipate and eliminate any problems before they can wreak havoc. 

  • Is the material suggested appropriate for the intended location?

  • How will those outlets or fixtures on the wall impact the visuals?

  • What should the exact spacing be for ideal placement?

  • Is a custom shipping container needed to prevent damage?

There are literally thousands of scenarios and individual pain points that we consider with every job. And we'll test, discuss, adjust, double-check, measure, define, re-cut, label, illustrate and diagram until we think every potential problem has been addressed.

Most people find these kind of details tedious. We embrace them. Seriously, we're obsessed with the specifics, because there's nothing better than a project that's executed perfectly. 

No surprises.
Just accolades.

When it's your idea,

we think you should

get all the credit.

Franklin Imaging embraces our role

as behind-the-scenes supporter.

Our aim is your positive feedback.

And if we exceed your expectations,

we think you'll return. We already

have some clients who have

been with us for over 25 years.

We hope you'll give us the

opportunity to show you why.

Learn more about who

you'd be working with here.

Fabrication of dimensional lettering for a commercial space
Three dimensional design for use in experiential design

What will you imagine next?

Let's work together - it'll be fun! 


Whatever your plans, Franklin Imaging can

deal with even the tiniest aspects of your

next big idea.


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